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Melodic Prog House Mix from 2009 – 10 PM

Release Date: January 2, 2011
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About The Album

Two years and still holding on…looks like I’m getting a hang of this! It’s amazing how I thought that once I’d start my MBA, I wouldn’t get time to listen to music, let alone DJ. But as it turns out, music is what gets me through my toughest days.

2010 was a phenomenal year for me. I had the honour of DJing in practically every club in New Delhi and even managed to pull off gigs in Barcelona! “My Summer Love” continues to soar and clocked close to 650 downloads in December alone. “Night Lights” was chosen among the Top 20 mixes (out of 1,100) from across the world by MixedInKey. And I even recorded my first live set (if that counts for anything).

So let’s see what 2011 has in store, but before I head back to my life in Spain, I leave you with this, my two year anniversary mix, 10 PM. An hour’s worth of pure melody and uplifting progressive euphoria. I don’t think you would settle for anything less.

Happy listening and until next time 🙂



  1. Passenger 10 – Mikado (DJ Tatana Intro Dub)
  2. Arthur Deep – Remember The Summer (Dinka Remix)
  3. Adiva Feat Vicky Fee – How Does It Feel (Myon & Shane 54 Vocal Mix)
  4. Approaching Black, Jacob Henry – Yesterday’s Tears (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
  5. Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer – So It Goes (Original Mix)
  6. Smooth Stab Feat. Aelyn – These Words Between Us (Syntime & Foggy Fields Remix)
  7. Mango – Here We Go (Jaytech Remix)
  8. Something Good Feat. Joanna – Hold On (Original Mix)
  9. Shingo Nakamura – Metro Tour (Original Mix)
  10. Sezer Uysal – Fall In Love In Moscow (Original Mix)
  11. Apartment 10 – Sakura (Labtracks Remix)

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Album Review

"brilliant bro. it's as smooth to listen to as summer love if not smoother. the playlist was so good"
-Rahil Devgan

"Just heard your track- 10 PM. Must say has the makings of a classic. Hadn't heard any of your stuff before."
-Deep Singh

"the opening of 10pm...omg...LOVE it...well done...."
-Aditya Dhanrajani

"10pm is AMAZING! Your best work till date, and the difference between 10pm and the rest of your work is in light years. Off the hook bro! Keep in coming"
-Shaibal Mandal

"Amazing brother! I got lost in it while listening"
-Gaurav Poddar

"thanks man its not just amazing but mind blowing!!!!"
-Harjeet Singh

"beautifully done through... gud efforts builded up very well..."
-James Soans

"Nice upbeat 10pm. Love the start!"
-Devashree Parmar

"nice one love it...."
-Dhrubajyoti Barman

"Good one bro...its doing the rounds on my pod. Love it!!"
-Aditya Kumar

"10PM... quite liked it Devesh... way to go! And a very Happy New Year to you too. :)"
-Sajid Khan

"...too good :)"
-Vinay Madan

"Love 10pm's vibe"
-Siddharth Sharma