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My Summer Love

Release Date: July 3, 2010
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About The Album

An album with some of my favourite summer progressive tunes, songs which defy any previously held belief that electronic music has no soul.

It’s taken me a long time to find the right songs and put them in an order for them to narrate a story. A story which I believe will not only inspire love, but also inspire the love for music.

The Best Summer Progressive House Mix

But, that’s just me speaking. Why don’t I let you decipher and interperate this album your way. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it. Kindly share your thoughts with me, I really enjoy listening to your feedback, however critical it may be.
Thank you once again for supporting me 🙂




1. MAZ7 – Summer Day (Mango & Arthur Deep Remix)
2. Kaanturker – Filthy & Kinky (Yoonior Sax Flow Remix)
3. Evgeny Bardyuzha – Bali (Original Mix)
4. Bent – As You Fall (Guy J Remix)
5. B.O.N.G – Evolution (Original Mix)
6. Jody Wisternoff – Lassoo
7. Embliss – Beverly Drive
8. Dezza – When I Get That Feelin (Sexual Healing Bootleg)
9. Way Out West – Only Love (Original Club Mix)
10. Dave Horne – In Our Dreams (Original Mix)
11. Dirty Vegas – Tonight (IMS Anthem 2009) (Above & Beyond Remix)
12. Underworld – Two Months Off (Grayarea’s Four Years Off Remix)
13. Solarity – Terminal 6 (Original Mix)

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Album Review

"summer love is my favorite of everything you've ever done - its on constant replay and i have made several of my friends listen to it - who have all loved it too! :)
i'm requesting a 2 hour mix now please, as inspired as this one, considering you have your muse around more ;)"
- Nandeeta Seth

"Devesh! I am big fan of your album... it really rocks... and a congratulations on one of your mixes being chosen among the top 20 mixes across the world... great job... I will be looking forward to many more albums from you in future!!"
- Devina Kapoor

"Love it totally sets things straight!"
-Aaftab Mehra

"hey! Just wanted to say ur track 'my summer love' has me totally hooked. It's brilliant, i can listen to it 24/7 :)
keep up the lovely tunes :)"
- Ameera Laila

"Amazing stuff! on-repeat for hours and still sounds just as fresh!"
- Devashree Parmar

"amazing mix mate...well done!"
- Aditya Dhanrajani

"thanks for ur recent mix ... needless to say awesome yet again ... ;-) ... and I like the name "My Summer Love" interestin, i guess u are officially single and rich now so send it to ur gfs asap haha...."
- Garima Bhagat

"great sound (my summer love)! i guess you will have to be one of the DJ in spring games. :) it is now also "my" Summer love."
- Edgar Murargi

Like Summer love - nice collection!! :) Though I'm not so much into electronic, I'm begining to like it thanks to you. Enjoyed Reading with it last weekend :) Good Job d.fy!! :) Keep Spinning!! Cheers!
- Kamakshi Sahai

"dude love it! Thats a really good selection of tracks.Ive been listening to "As you fall" on repeat for a while now. that bassline is just amazing."
- Saami Siddiqui

"ur music is lovely...played if from my ipod at an off party an everyone loved it"
- Tasneem Lakdawalla

"Summer love is pretty nice. I have a couple tracks on it but the one's in the beginning are summery insane!"
- Nihar Prasanna

"Great mix, recommended!"
- Flávio Mestre

"The thing about summer love is that you can't get enough of it!"
- Meyghna Bhargav

"This is truly a wonderful mix. It just keeps getting better and better each time I listen to it! Really appreciate your work! Keep them coming."
- Amritesh Rai

"Downloaded, saved, heard....liked! Really good stuff."
- Drishti Sandhu