I started TranceMission back in 2009 as a monthly compilation of the best (according to me) trance and progressive tracks I came across every month. Since 2011, I haven’t been very faithful to it. Releases have been erratic and often a mix of old and new. During this time, my taste in EDM has also evolved into something more melodic, deep, mellow and progressive. In short: less trance, more chill. The trance in TranceMission is out, so now it’s just transmission spelt wrong!

No Trance, Just Melodic Progressive House

Keeping this in mind, I’ve decided to put TranceMission aside and make way for Electronic Emotions. Unlike its predecessor, these sessions will be released without any sort of periodicity. But they will be a compilation of the best (once again, in my opinion) deep and progressive house tracks. Some old and a lot of new stuff. No trance, just house. Old and new soundbites. In short, the best electronic music with soul and emotions.

Deep, Soulful, and Melodic House Mixes

Electronic Emotions Episode 3

The only way I can compensate for the lack of mixes is to give you guys the most incredible mix you’ve heard in recent times. So get ready, Electronic Emotions Episode 3 is packed with progressive and melodic goodness right from the start to the end from the likes of Eric Prydz, Myon & Shane54, Blood Groove & Kikis and a very special remix from 2008 of a very special song.

So download it or stream it…but make sure you play it loud. Immerse yourself into the magic of Electronic Emotions!


  1. Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson – Let Go (Going Deeper Remix)
  2. Seven Lions with Myon & Shane54 – Strangers (My Digital Enemy Remix)
  3. Grum – Straight To Your Heart (Original Mix)
  4. Blood Groove & Kikis – Vesta (Original Mix)
  5. Blend – The City (Original Mix)
  6. Barzek & Jethimself – Plateau (Original Mix)
  7. Eric Prydz – Liberate (Luke Chable’s Free’dem Chords Remix)
  8. Myon & Shane 54, Kyler England – Summer of Love (Club Mix)
  9. Thomas Hayes – Falling (Original Mix)
  10. Fragma – Toca’s Miracle (Inpetto Remix)

Welcome to a very special episode of Electronic Emotions. An episode inspired by one photograph, which eventually (and quite obviously) became the cover art for this episode.

Over the years many of you have told me how the music I put together is perfect for relaxing to on the beach. So, as I stared at this beautiful photograph of the sun setting in Goa , I wondered if I could paint this picture in music. And so began episode 2. Beachy, uplifting, melodic and the most beautiful progressive sounds from across the world! And if you’re really wondering what’s the one song I associate with this picture, jump straight to 34:15 on the mix.

I’m very excited to bring to you episode 2 of Electronic Emotions. I hope you get blown away by the intricate progressive melodies. This mix features tracks from Haroun Omar, Aozora, Our Stolen Theory, Chris Reece, Embliss and more.

Go on, download it, lose yourself in it and get away from reality. Enjoy these Electronic Emotions…


  1. Haroun Omar – Moonwaves (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)
  2. Valentin & Roald Velden – No Time To Lose (Original Mix)
  3. Jacob Henry – Hopeful Romantic (Original Mix)
  4. Embliss – So Many Reasons (Original Mix)
  5. Sergey Alekseev – Sunset On The Sea (Original Mix)
  6. Valentin, Roald Velden – Away From Here (James Woods Remix)
  7. Aozora – Majestic (Talamanca Remix)
  8. Our Stolen Theory – Warmest Day (Nigel Good Remix)
  9. Lessov – Tide After Tide (K.R.J. Remix)
  10. Chris Reece – The Divine Circle (Club Mix)
  11. Gregory Esayan – Purple Clouds (Original Mix)

Alright, it’s finally here. My brand new series of mixes called Electronic Emotions. An hour’s journey into the best progressive, deep, uplifting and melodic house, curated and mixed by yours truly.

I thought I’d start the first episode with something deep (take note of Mirage people, it’s exquisite!), next play some summery progressive (Blessed by EDX is simply outstanding!) and end it with a banger by an upcoming South Korean progressive artist (no, not Psy!), Justin Oh.

This is a journey in electronic emotions, a journey that progresses with each passing song. And I hope you feel it too.

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  1. Florence & The Machine – Spectrum (Say My Name) (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
  2. Camelphat – Watergate (Instrumental Mix)
  3. Blood Groove & Kikis – Mirage (Original Mix)
  4. Talamanca – Boardwalk (Original Mix)
  5. Eleven.Five – Freckles (Original Mix)
  6. Shingo Nakamura – Perception (Original Mix)
  7. EDX – Blessed (Original Club Mix)
  8. Jaytech – Wipeout (Original Mix)
  9. Arty, BT, Nadia Ali – Must Be The Love (Original Mix)
  10. Justin Oh – Where The Lights Fall feat. Remus (Extended Mix)
  11. Nerutto – Then There Was Summer (Original Mix)