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TranceMission 2010 Monthly Mixes


I’m back on vacation folks and of course one of the first things I did was record a session with what were the top tunes in the past few months. Now of course, I haven’t been able to keep track of the latest music like I use to, but nonetheless, whenever I heard a great tune I made sure I downloaded it.

So here we go, get ready to download some beautiful progressive, the final TranceMission for 2010, with all the missing files. I really hope you enjoy it, there are some beautiful uplifting, up beat tunes!

Merry Christmas to you all 🙂


1. Aruna with Mark Eteson – Let Go (Original Mix)

2. Heatbeat – Trash

3. Signum Feat Kate Louise Smith – Liberate

4. Gareth Emery Feat Lucy Saunders – Sanctuary (Original Mix)

5. Dave Horne & Danny Powers – Fallen Angels (MoodFreak Remix)

6. Sunlounger Feat Inger Hansen – Breaking Waves (Club Mix)

7. Ross Anderson & Shaun Gregory – Foundation (Maor Levi Weekend Mix)

8. Dennis Sheperd – Left Of The World (Mike Shiver Garden State Dub Mix)

9. Arty – The Wonder

10. Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery Pres. OceanLab – On A Good Day (Metropolis) (Extended Mix)

11. Snatt And Vix vs In Progress – Sunride (Ronski Speed Remix)

12. Sneijder – Away From Here (Arty Remix)

So…it all comes down to this – the final episode of TranceMission.

Well, what can I say but thank you for believing in me. And as always, I’ve got another great show lined up for you. Funnily enough, the theme again is love, but this time, I didn’t plan for it, it just happened. Lots and lots of melody, lots of vocals, a track that played non-stop on my trip to Goa and my tune of the year…all packed into this episode.

I’ve really enjoyed playing for you…and its been one hell of an experience. I don’t know whether I’ll be recording more sets or playing anywhere soon, but lets hope for the best and take things as they come.

I’m really happy that a lot of you have now started appreciating trance and progressive. I’m not taking the credit here, I’m simply the messenger! But your emails/fb msgs/smses/bbms/gtalk msgs/tweets, appreciating my work have honestly made this whole journey worthwhile. And if you have anything else you want to add to that, you know where to find me 🙂

On this note, I bid you adieu, but still hoping that I can continue to share my love for music with you. Hope you enjoy this episode, and as always, remember to blast those speakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




1. Stan Kolev – Tatul (Orignal Mix)

2. Roddy Reynaert – Fremou

3. Orjan Nilsen – So Long Radio (Original Mix)

4. Faithless – Tweak Your Nipple (Beltek Remix)

5. Orjan Nilsen – Lovers Lane (Original Mix) [Choon of the Month]

6. Lost Stories presents Prayag & Rishab – Ashna (Johan Gielen Remix)

7. The Cube – Can We Still Be Lovers? (Mossy and The Cube Remix) [Vault Selection]

8. Tucandeo Pres Storyline Feat Jennifer Hershman – Unarmored Love (Original Mix)

9. Chris Reece Feat Nadia Ali – The Notice (Extended Mix)

10. Mike Shiver feat. Susana – Give Me Faith (Vocal Mix)

11. Velvetine – Safe (Wherever You Are) [d.fy’s Favourite Tune of 2010]

Can you believe my luck, I botched up two transitions in this month’s TranceMission cause I got 2 calls (which I HAD to answer!!!) in between the recording!!!! ARGH! So, sorry about that, please forgive me, I did try my best to mix without my headphones 🙁

Anyway, I re-recorded this month’s session, not because of the botch-up, but courtesy a song that my iPod decided to play this beautiful rainy morning, with these lyrics….

And it only takes a moment

To step outside and let the rain

Kiss your pain away

And surrender it to the sun

Cause the world is still spinning around

So cease the day

Cause you have come so far

Watched a million frowns turn into smiles

Lost all track of time

Felt the energy of a million stars

You will feel love again

You will feel love again

After the rain

You will feel love again

You will feel love again

You will feel love again after the rain

Although this song has not been released as a single yet, I had to rip it from the album to feature on this month’s TranceMission. Needless to say, its BEAUTIFUL! Apart from that, I’ve featured other beautiful tunes from Proff, Shogun, Sonifunk & NSL and of course, Protoculture!

So this is what the playlist looks like –


1. BT ft. Kirsty Hawkshaw – A Million Stars (Original Mix)

2. Ned Shepard & Sultan ft Dirty Vegas – Crimson Sun (Original Club Mix)

3. Nic Chagall, Rank 1, Wippenberg – 100

4. Proff – Albina (Original Mix)

5. Max Graham Feat. Ana Criado – Nothing Else Matters (Original Mix)

6. Shogun Feat Emma Lock – Save Me (Original Mix)

7. D-Mad – She Gave Happiness (Arty Remix)

8. Sonifunk & NSL – Lifted Higher (Ben Coda Remix)

9. Nitrous Oxide – Dreamcatcher (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)

10. Protoculture – Naked [CHOON OF THE MONTH]

It took me a while, but here it is, the brand new TranceMission. I thought I’d try something different this month, so I went ahead made it a little darker than usual. So I hope you like it!

One of the tunes that’s been playing non-stop in my head this past few days is Jody Wisternoff’s “Welcome To Your Life”. So what better way to share this cognitive itch with you – I just make it my Vault Selection. Moth is no less stunning, I played the Martin Roth remix at 2 of my nights last month and got tremendous responses from the people but here I play the original mix.

Next up we’ve got Sir Adrian’s vocals on “Run Till U Shine” by Andrew Bennett and Hannah Ray on “Autumn Leaves” by Temple One. Both great vocal tunes! The following song is probably what defines Markus Schulz’s music for me. Although “Opera of the Northern Ocean” is not by him, it highlights the deep progression and subtle background melodies that you expect to hear from Markus. Its featured on his most recent compilation, Las Vegas ’10, and it is My Chooon of the Month for May!

Mat Zo’s become one of the regular producers I keep playing on TranceMission, and this month I’ve selected his remix of “Live Forever” by Lange featuring Emma Hewitt. Up next is “Samui” by David Forbes and for some reason Super8 & Tab believe that “Black Is The New Yellow”. I don’t know how, but its a great tune nonetheless.

Time for some banging tunes. We start with the 2010 remake of “Janeiro” by Dash Berlin. I play the dub mix here cause the vocals really piss me off, hehe! I was there last month for an hour and that’s why probably I didn’t really notice what inspired Einar K to name his track the airport at Amsterdam. Maybe I need to spend some more time at “Schiphol”. And finally, another remake of a true classic trance tune, done in the typical 2010 Alex M.O.R.P.H. style, its “1998” all over again!!!


1. Jody Wisternoff – Welcome To Your Life (Vocal Mix) [Vault Selection]

2. Jaytech & James Grant – Moth (Original Mix)

3. Andrew Bennett feat Sir Adrian – Run Till U Shine (Main Mix)

4. Temple One feat Hannah Ray – Autumn Leaves (Estiva Remix)

5. Rex Mundi – Opera Of Northern Ocean [Chooon of the Month]

6. Lange Feat Emma Hewitt – Live Forever (Mat Zo Remix)

7. David Forbes & Alan Nimmo – Samui

8. Super8 & Tab feat Anton Sonin – Black Is The New Yellow

9. Dash Berlin feat Solid Sessions – Janeiro (Dash Berlin 4 AM Dub Mix)

10. Einar K – Schiphol (Tritonal Air Up There Remix)

11. Binary Finary – 1998 (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)

Wow…what a month! First and foremost, thank you to everyone who came and supported me at Vapour, Ai and Kuki! We’ve got more nights lined up, invites to follow after this…

Apart from the events, this month’s releases were also quite something. I had the hardest time choosing my 10 favourite tracks and the Choon of the Month. Anyway, I’m proud to announce the results – sounds like a beauty pageant now doesn’t it 😉

Lets start things off with Oliver Smith’s “Sunday” and follow it up with something a little less known, “Escape”, a track I accidentally discovered and fell in love with instantly! Subtle vocals and catchy beats – love it! There is not much to say about the following 3 tracks, EDX, Jaytech and Chris Reece, the three biggest names in the world of progressive house. Trust me, you will get lost in the melody of “Hoover”, blown away by “In the Jungle” and be tapping uncontrollably to “Salvation”.

Time to move things up with some progressive and to shock a few of you here – Shaun Ansari is a Pakistani trance producer based in Karachi. His track, the aptly named “Karachi”, is probably one of the most euphoric tracks I’ve heard in a very long time! Ladies & Gentlemen, this is some SERIOUS talent! Listen to the melody and tell me what think of it, or better still, contact him on Facebook and show him your appreciation! It seriously gives “The Lost” by Mat Zo a run for its money…but then again…Mat Zo is Mat Zo, although me thinks he ripped off Karunesh’s “Punjab” for the vocals on this one…haha!

I’m usually not a fan of AvB’s productions, in my opinion he’s a better DJ than a producer, but I heard the original version of “Not Going Home” and then heard his remix, and I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by a complete turn-around!

Time to move it up another notch with First State’s uplifting “Cape Point” in a great remix by Jason Van Wyk. And so, this brings us to my final tune, this time I did save the best for last. It was a hard time choosing my favourite tune, but “She Moves” by Andy Moor wins by a close margin! Its lethal combination of stunning vocals and thumping bassline probably did it for me – in my opinion the best vocal trance track of 2010 so far…

Aaaaaand that’s it for another edition of TranceMission…hope you enjoy listening to it. Would love to hear from you as usual. Remember, lots more events lined up, so all of you in Delhi, keep yourselves available 🙂


1. Oliver Smith – Sunday (Original Mix)

2. Second Left – Escape (Original Mix)

3. EDX – Hoover

4. Jaytech – In The Jungle (Original Mix)

5. Chris Reece – Salvation (Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman Ibiza Late Dub)

6. Shaun Ansari – Karachi (Original Mix)

7. Mat Zo – The Lost

8. Faithless – Not Going Home (Armin Van Buuren Remix)

9. First State – Cape Point (Jason Van Wyk Remix)

10. Andy Moor feat Carrie Skipper – She Moves — (CHOON OF THE MONTH)

First of all, I’m really looking forward to seeing you all on Friday the 9th for my gig at Vapour in Gurgaon! Come check out NCR’s hottest new micro brewery, with its massive space both indoors and outdoors! Its been a while since I played some gorgeous uplifting trance! I promise to keep it banging, tell everybody and make sure you’re there! Entry is Rs.600 a person, which includes a drink. Be there, or be square…hahahaha!

And now to more pressing matters…for all you progressive lovers, here is a treat…10 bee-ooo-ti-full progressive tunes from March. We start with a little edit intro of JVA’s “Autobahn” and move into the spacey sounding “Disco Belle” by Paul Keeley. Follow this up two groovey tunes from the British duo of Solarity and another by Roddy Reynaert. Then of course, make way for the trance veterans from Germany, Kyau & Albert, with their remix of Bent’s “As You Fall” (also hear the Guy J remix of this tune on beatport when you find time). Then we have the Russian who I think released more progressive tunes this month than anyone else, Arty. Listen to his amazing remix of “Utopia” from the Texas based duo of Tritonal. Prepare yourselves for something darker, “Smoke Me Away” by 16 Bit Lolitas and then the oddly named “Alien & Butterfly” by Sergey Tkachev. And finally, two of my favourite tunes from March. One of course is my Choon of the Month, “Safe” by the Myon & Shane54 and Aruna Adams outfit called Velvetine. I’ve been waiting to play this tune since I first heard it in October 2009! Its by far my favourite tune of 2010! And I wrap set up with the beachy and subliminal sounding “Who We Are” by Luigi Lusini!!!!

Say hello to the summer of 2010 with the grooviest progressive house tunes from March…this is TranceMission with d.fy 😉


1. JVA – Autobahn (AM Mix) (d.fy’s Summer of 2010 Intro Edit)

2. Paul Keeley Feat Natalie Peris – Disco Belle (Dub Mix)

3. Solarity – Diophantine (Original Mix)

4. Roddy Reynaert – Fellowcraft (Original Mix)

5. Bent – As You Fall (Kyau And Albert Remix)

6. Tritonal – Utopia (Arty Remix)

7. 16 Bit Lolitas – Smoke Me Away (Original Mix)

8. Sergey Tkachev – Alien & Butterfly

9. Velvetine – Safe (Wherever You Are) —- CHOON OF THE MONTH

10. Luigi Lusini – Who We Are (Original Mix)

First of all, a very Happy Holi!

Been a while since I last did a TranceMission with only trance! So here goes, 10 of my favourite trance tunes from February! We start with some progressive trance – The Great Escape, La Gomera and Pictures of You, which happens to be my Choon of the Month – and move into some uplifting and melodic from 7 Skies, trance veterans Nitorus Oxide & Adam Nickey and JayB. Absolutely stunning productions stuff from these 3 artists! Even if you’re not a not trance person, have a listen to these tracks, they are simply delicious!

From uplisting and melodic, I move into something darker and more banging! D.N.A. from W&W and The Sorcery Within from Arcane Science. Dark melodies, and hard basslines for all those who wanted it! And then of course we have the legendary Ronski Speed with his remix of Two-O-Ten by Cressida, which is simply BOOM! haha!

And finally to end February, I’ve got a nice uplifting vocal track by DNS Project called Mindful. Last month I played Fake Awake by Andy Moor as my Vault Selection, this month I play one of my ALL TIME favourite trance classics…Hydra by The Thrillseekers!

Hope you enjoy this set, until March….

Happy listening!



1. Rank 1 And Jochen Miller – The Great Escape (Extended)

2. Steve Brian – La Gomera (Cressida Remix)

3. Mark Sinclair – Pictures of You (Terry Ferminal Mix) [CHOON OF THE MONTH]

4. 7 Skies – Caffeine (Original Mix)

5. Nitrous Oxide & Adam Nickey – Moon Dust (Original Mix)

6. JayB – Eleven Thirty (Original Mix)

7. W&W – D.N.A. (Original Mix)

8. Arcane Science – The Sorcery Within (Mike Koglin Remix)

9. Cressida – Two-O-Ten (Ronski Speed Pres Sun Decade Uplifting Mix)

10. DNS Project feat Johanna – Mindful (DNS Project Whiteglow Vocal Mix)

11. The Thrillseekers Pres Hydra – Ultimate Affinity (Thrillseekers Dub) [VAULT SELECTION]

Did anyone notice how fast January went by? Anyway, the end of a month means a brand new TranceMisison. Thank you for all the feedback after my last TranceMission. It really helps me see what you guys like to listen to. So I tried my best to make this TranceMission as you-friendly as possible.

Although loads of you love progressive house, I try and keep it out of my TranceMission sets. I prefer making progressive house albums. But in any case, I start this month’s set with one of my favourite prog house tracks – “A Better Place”. The track has a stunning vibe to it and it makes a great set opener! Ok, now keep an open mind for the next track…its very Japanese! Honestly, I wish they had produced a dub version, cause I have no clue what the vocals are all about! But the track itself is MINDBLOWING! Just let it pick up…its simply WOW!

This month saw loads of great vocal progressive tunes, of which I’ve chosen the best! “I Know”, “Nadia” (already no. 1 on Beatport) and “Everywhere You Are”. I would have chosen “Nadia” as my Choon of the Month, but unfortunately its a rip off of “Disconnected”! But really nice track none the less! I chose “Everywhere You Are” as my Choon of the Month! Great uplifting vocals in a stunning remix by Duderstadt! Oh, from now on, I want to try and play an old tune from my collection, I call it my Vault Selection, and this month its Andy Moor’s Fake Awake!

You wanted banging? I give you 2 club stompers, “Good Dream” and “Devotion”. Quite honestly, I really have no words to describe how banging Devotion is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course we also have Mike Foyle and Mat Zo to complete the set.

Keeping in mind you feedback, I’ve tried tweaking this month’s set with a professional audio mastering software, PLEASE tell me if the sound quality is better. Also, I’ve kept the size of my set below 100MB (this month its 80.3 MB) so that some of you don’t complain.

Heres the complete tracklist, hope you enjoy it, and keep sending me your feedback, its the only way I improve!


1. B.O.N.G – A Better Place (Passenger 10 Because Of The Vibes Remix)

2. The Originators Feat. Masmin – Dizzy Days (Shingo Nakamura Remix)

3. George Acosta feat Tiff Lacey – I Know (Beat Service Proglifting Dub Mix)

4. Shogun feat Hannah Ray – Nadia (Extended Mix)

5. Andy Moor – Fake Awake (Ecomix) [Vault Selection]

6. Mike Shiver & Aruna – Everywhere You Are (Duderstadt Vocal Mix) [Choon of the Month]

7. tyDi – Good Dream (Original Mix)

8. Mike Foyle pres Statica – Deadly Nightshade (Phynn Remix)

9. Mat Zo – 24 Hours (Original Mix)

10. Liquid Soul – Devotion (Protoculture Remix)

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