Melodic Progressive House Mixes From 2012

TranceMission Winter 2012

Here we go, with the second installment of TranceMission from 2012, TranceMission Winter 2012 arrives! Honestly I haven’t had so much fun mixing a TranceMission as this one. Its got some of the punchiest progressive tunes and great melodies. I was tapping my feet the whole time as I sat mixing and producing the set.

Alright, that’s all I’m going to say. I think you will fall in love with this one, it’s made with extra love!

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8 November 2012


  1. Juventa – The Kite (Original Mix)
  2. Eric Prydz Presents Pryda – AGAG
  3. Michael Cassette – Regatta
  4. Alexey Sonar – Guest List (Original Mix)
  5. Roddy Reynaert – Shovelhead (Original Mix)
  6. Aleksey Yakovlev – Space Odyssey (Original Mix)
  7. Sezer Uysal feat. Chinar – Baku (Dinka Remix)
  8. Answer42 – The Lemon Effect (PROFF Remix)
  9. Matt Darey & Aeron Aether Feat Ridgewalkers – Chasing The Sun (Schodt Remix)
  10. Peter Illias – 7 Days (Original Mix)
  11. D&Z – Pure (Original Mix)

TranceMission Spring 2012

Its finally here after 14 months. My latest addition to the TranceMission series. But this time, it comes with a twist, it is a compilation of my favourite tracks from the past year, tracks which in my opinion were made for this time of the year, Spring.

So, its mellow, chilled, beachy, progressive and uplifting – all my favourite styles (and not to mention all my crazy sound bites thrown in!)

Its a great way to induct my first time listeners. So sit back, enjoy and let it carry you away into a beautiful world of music.

Enjoy the journey!


  1. Kazusa – Coast Along (Original Mix)
  2. Mango & Andre Frauenstein Feat Ludik – Disappear (Original Mix)
  3. Lost Witness – Red Sun Rising (Michael Cassette Remix)
  4. Solarity – Corvette
  5. Andain – Promises (Soundprank Remix)
  6. Jacob Henry & Coastal – Serengeti (Original Mix)
  7. Bryant P and Aerium – As If She Loved Me (Nick Stoynoff Remix)
  8. Mat Zo & Arty – Mozart (Original Mix)
  9. Sezer Uysal – Little Indian Girl (Original Mix)
  10. Jaytech – Paradox (Original Mix)

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