Why BT’s Emotional Technology Is One Of My Favourite Albums Ever

So last night I’m driving back home and I’m on a high, a natural high of course. And when I’m in that mood I need the right music to complement that feeling. So I pull out all the CDs in my car, hoping to find something mood appropriate. And I wasn’t disappointed to find lying among the rest, “Emotional Technology”.

The mark of any good album is one which you can play from start to end, and then repeat. An album in which each song strikes a different chord in you.

I remember the first time I heard Emotional Technology, it was on a train ride to Dehradun. I’d just got the CD the night before. So as the train set off in motion, so did my disc-man. My immediate reaction was, what is this music? Is this electronic, rap, breaks, house, trance…all of it, none of it? I still don’t know what the hell genre it is. But it is electrifying and life affirming!

BT is the man behind one the most influential trance tracks of our lives, and one of my personal all time favourites, ‘Flaming June’. But Emotional Technology is in a league of its own. I also understand that it is a love-it or hate-it kind of album. For any electronic music fan, there is no in-between when it comes to Emotional Technology. It’s an album that explores the mind of the king of the electronic genre. There is no one way in which I can describe this album. Each song is unique – Somnambulist, Force of Gravity, The Great Escape, Paris! Last night I rekindled my love for ‘Paris’, damnit I love that song and its lyrics. And I just learned that it was co-produced with Jody Wisternoff, no wonder I love it so much! It has everything from rap to guitar riffs and running horses!

Because Emotional Technology doesn’t really fit into any one category, it always has a hidden element which is waiting to be discovered, or strikes you even after you’ve heard the song a 1,000 times. It’s like a really complicated woman, I’m always trying to figure it out but never really fully understand it. Nor am I able to place it in a single category or just have one word to describe it! I guess that’s why even after 10 years, I still enjoy listening to it 🙂

Ya mon… another day another time… set another fire…
{Less than behold when I and I come to take control and cause}…
Come on BT… drop the {#%@&!!}

Let me come…

{???} BT {?????} guarantee each and every time
Now the old folks used to say: Nothing comes before the time
But silence is golden

Burning a million torches, all that bare your name
So in the darkness they bring you great light
Sonorous of black holes, you steal their flame
So I’m learning protection
For my self contained light
In a plethora of burning suns
In the blackest of pure twilight

And although I wish to give endlessly
I will not relinquish my sight
Let us linger in our luster together
Together in this Parisian garden of light
So in this perfect of hours, and in our silent of space
Pray the world grows perfectly still
Surrender to our silence …yeah…

Let me come
Be still in your silence
Be silent and hopeful

I’d like for you
To be still in our silence
Be golden in darkness

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