d.fy Recommends: Fluida – Not Alone

fluida not alone

Fluida – Not Alone is a stunning masterpiece, and I’m just getting goosebumps listening to this track!

Deep & Delightful

I discovered this track on James Grant’s Anjunadeep Edition 141, which is a great podcast BTW. Episode 141 was no exception, exactly what you’d expect from Anjunadeep. Track after track of melody, and then towards the end comes this blinder of a song!

I love how fresh and pleasing Not Alone sounds. It’s a pleasure discovering new tracks especially if it’s from artists that I’ve never heard before.

Fluida’s Not Alone is a hypnotic masterpiece that combines the best elements of deep, melodic and progressive. I dare you not to sway your body while listening to this gem of a track.

Listen to Fluida – Not Alone

Anjunadeep FTW In 2017

I’m super stoked about the releases from Anjunadeep this year. They’re really turning the heat up with some deep, melodic beauties! Aba and Hiding are two tracks that come to my mind almost immediately Now add Not Alone 😉

Here’s to more such tracks to come in 2017!

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