d.fy Recommends: Gregory Esayan – Numb Capsule

I’m a huge fan of Gregory Esayan’s work. In fact, I’ve previously recommended his tracks “Purple Clouds” and “Forever Child” on my blog, and have featured “Purple Clouds” on Episode 2 of Electronic Emotions.

I look forward to listening to his releases because I know they never disappoint. His production style adds an enormous amount of energy to his tracks which I just love.

Gregory Esayan’s latest release on Silk Music is exactly all that, with the addition of Sam Davies brilliant rework.

Gregory Esayan – Numb Capsule (Sam Davies Remix)

I love a great collaboration between two top-notch artists. It doesn’t always guarantee a great tune, but when it does, it’s bigger than ever!

Sam Davies’ remix of Gregory Esayan’s Numb Capsule is a reminder of when two great prog house artists get a collaboration right. The song has melody, it has energy, and it’s delightful to listen to time and time again.

The Bluegazer Remix

The second track on the release is the Bluegazer Remix of Numb Capsule. Although a slightly different vibe than the Sam Davies Remix, the track is no slouch.

Terrific stuff as usual from the team as Silk Music. Both tracks come highly recommended by yours truly.

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