d.fy Recommends: John Grand – Polarized

Obviously I’ve been living under a rock to have never heard of John Grand before. But I’m glad that’s not the case anymore. I recently heard his track “Polarized” on International Departures, and even with the mash-up voice over I could tell this track was incredible club hit!

Dance Floor Smashing Progressive House

Have you ever heard a progressive house track and instantly wanted to jump up and down because of the infectious energy? Well, that’s pretty much what John Grand does with Polarized. It’s a wild beast that you really want to unleash onto the dance floor. Get everyone crazy and what not!

The track reminds me of some of the classic Proff tracks. Hard-hitting, punchy basslines, which lead to a melodic and mellow breakdown. From that point on the track picks up the pace with the melody and then closes with a bang! Ah, the perfect formula for a progressive house club hit!

Here’s a preview of this track for you.

John Grand - Polarized (Original Mix)

Smashing, right? What did I tell you. Polarized has loads of energy and it’s guaranteed to get any party started or set any dance floor on fire!

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