d.fy Recommends: Masoud feat. Tara Louise – My Dreams

What happens when you combine pop with EDM? My answer would usually be something along the Myon & Shane54 lines. But not this time. Iranian producer Masoud teams up with singer Tara Louise to bring one of the catchiest, sing-along tunes to the EDM scene this year.

Masoud feat. Tara Louise – My Dreams



The track is called “My Dreams” and is out now on Silk Music (the release features another song called “Goodbye”). The pop-sounding vocals really work well with the mellow beats. If I didn’t know any better, I’d classify this song as “dreamy-pop”. It does have a dream like quality to it.

The song also reminded me of a softer version of Vadim Soloviev Feat. Marcie – Stay With Me (2013 Deep Mix) (featured on my mix 12). These songs, on the verge of being classified as pop pull it off as EDM. It’s not exactly what Myon & Shane54 do, which is to say make an EDM mix of a popular pop song.

Masoud feat. Tara Louise – My Dreams also recently got its official video, which I’m glad to say doesn’t suck as much as Daydream by Vintage & Morelli.

I’ve probably heard this song 50 times today. It’s a beautiful, catchy song and you can be rest assured that its gonna get stuck in your head too.

Tara Louise

While listening to My Dreams, I happened to stumble upon Tara Louise’s music and webpage. I have to admit, I really enjoyed this video of her singing N*Sync’s “Bye, Bye, Bye”. So there you go, a bonus recommendation from me 😉

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