d.fy Recommends: Seconds To Vibe – V.i.V.

There’s nothing more I enjoy than spreading the love for the best electronic music. It’s even more so if the track is by a really close friend.

Vivan Somdutt, aka V.i.V.

Vivan is one of the most talented musicians I’ve personally known. As a singer, and proficient in a number of instruments, he was school Music Captain in my year.

Years ago, when I was DJing at a friend’s party, he freestyle rapped his way through “The Longest Road”.  I don’t remember exactly how it started that night, but boy was it fun!

More recently, he’s been releasing a string of releases on his Soundcloud page. His latest release Seconds To Vibe really caught my attention with its blend of electronic fusion thrown into a well produced lounge track.

Give it spin.

Tasteful Electronic Lounge

Listening to some chilled, laid back lounge beats is always a good way to relax. I have my personal collection of chilled tracks from the days of Nitin Sawhney and Cafe del Mar. Think I’ll put that list up one of these days.

In the meanwhile, make sure you check out Vivan’s track. And as an added bonus, I’ll leave my new favourite chillout track below. Somdutt’s track comes in a close second!

And here’s something for old times sake.

Morgan Page (ft. Lissie) - The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix)

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