Talamanca – Arrivals & Departures

Looks like I’ve found the best EDM album of the year, and it’s only April. The Dutch maestro Talamanca’s album Arrivals & Departures is nothing short of magical!

Remember Chicane?

Chicane’s masterpiece

The year was 2000, and I was spending the summer in England as an exchange student. It was my first time immersing myself in the world of EDM – Paul van Dyk, ATB, and Chicane.

Chicane’s new album “Behind The Sun” was playing all over the radio, dorm rooms, TV channels. With hits that included “Don’t Give Up”, “No Ordinary Morning”, and “Halcyon” that album was on constant repeat on my discman.

All Hail The New Euphoric King

For me, “Behind The Sun” still ranks as one incredible journey into soulful, and euphoric electronic music. But sooner or later, there’s going to be a new challenger vying for the same title. And I think if anyone comes close to taking that title it’s Talamanca (and maybe Roald Velden).

Emotional, Soul Stirring Prog House

Although not as downtempo and mellow as “Behind The Sun”, “Arrivals & Departures” creates a similar uplifting, emotional, progressive vibe. Which is pretty much what we’ve come to expect from Talamanca.

I’ve featured quite a few of his tracks in my past sets, and will definitely continue to do so. “Arrivals & Departures” is one of those albums that you can listen from the beginning to the end. It’s that awesome!

Top 3 Tracks

But if I had to pick my top 3 favourite songs from Talamanca’s new album, it would be these.

#3 When The Sun Goes Down

# Ocean Road

#1 On The Move

Lush, Beautiful Sounds

If you get a chance, do give Arrivals & Departures a listen and maybe even pick up a copy. It’s one of those albums that’s just just a joy to listen to. I’ve got these 3 songs on repeat, and I still can’t get enough!

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