d.fy’s Top 5 Progressive House Tracks From 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time to wrap things up with my favourite¬†progressive house tunes from the year. So in no particular order, these are my top 5¬†songs from 2016.

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Matt Fax – Careless

So…I lied. Even if there’s no particular order to this list, “Careless” is by far my favourite melodic progressive house tune of the year! It’s one song that’s grown on me each time I hear it. It just gets better, and better.

The song is a perfect mood uplifter/party starter. The way it builds up all the way to the end is so damn majestic! It’s without doubt my favourite tune of 2016!

Vintage & Morelli – Contrasts

Vintage & Morelli was already my favourite producer when the year started. And through the course of the year, he just kept getting better. His string of releases in 2016 was hit after hit. I could have picked any one of his songs (these days “While The Earth Sleeps” is on repeat) and featured it on this list. But I’m going to go with Contrasts, which featured on Anjunabeats Vol. 12.

Vintage & Morelli, definitely my top producer for 2016.

deadmau5 feat. Grabbitz – Let Go

A late entrant but there’s no way that I can pass up an awesome deadmau5 tune. The first release from his latest album, “Let Go”, brings back that classic deadmau5 sound that we all love and crave.

With vocals from Grabbitz to match the song’s emotional quotient, Let Go is definitely one of the top progressive house tunes from 2016 in my opinion.

The Midnight – Days Of Thunder

“Days of Thunder” is not exactly progressive house, but boy is it melodic. Honestly, I thought that it would be the perfect soundtrack for a 80’s sitcom or even Netflix’s “Stranger Things”.

Also if you notice, I couldn’t decide between the Soultorque or the Original mix. They’re both just so damn good! I’m not exactly a drum n bass guy, but Days of Thunder makes me think otherwise.

Oliver Smith – Shadows

It’s hard to ignore anything Oliver Smith does. The legendary Anjuna producer has given us some of the biggest tunes over the years, so why should 2016 be an exception.

“Shadows” is just pure high energy. The tune exudes one of the most progressive basslines I’ve heard all year. You can’t help but tap your foot every time “Shadows” comes on. It is literally that awesome!

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