Vintage & Morelli – The Best Music Producer Of 2016

What has two names, is actually one man, and makes insanely good music? Vintage & Morelli, that’s who. In my opinion, the Serbian electronic music producer has literally owned the progressive house and trance scene in 2016. Hit after hit, there’s been no stopping him!

With releases on Silk Music, Anjunabeats, Adrenalin Room, and Perplexity, Vintage & Morelli has been on fire since the latter half of 2015. And with the release of his artist album My Rose Enchanted on Silk Music in February 2016, I don’t think there are any plans of slowing down.

Although he’s been producing music since 2011, Vintage & Morelli first caught my attention in 2014 with his track Distant Promises (co-produced with Tandem). To be honest, it was probably because the track sounded so damn Indian it was hard to ignore.

Then there was the strangely named Tsukiakari Ame, Etheral, remixes of Pilgrimage, Let Me Go, My Paradise, and of course Daydream (if you like this song, please do not watch the video. You’ve been warned.).

A Vintage & Morelli Sampler

Dark Room, Happy Thoughts

But more recently, I think that Vintage & Morelli has finally found his true style, which I can’t help but describe them in his own words – Dark Room, Happy Thoughts. That BTW, is the name of his progressive trance title released somewhere towards the end of 2015. But that’s how his music speaks to me – deep, dark undertones and with extremely melodic overtones. And unlike a few producers who tend to use the same bassline for every song they produce, Vintage & Morelli’s basslines sound fresh with every track. Like sparkling new! I guess that’s what keeps his music fresh, track after track.

Vintage & Morelli – Contrasts

I hate to say this as it’s only March of 2016, but I think I’ve found the best producer of this year already. Not only that, but my favourite track (so far) of 2016. Vintage & Morelli really did a number with Contrasts, which features on Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats Volume 12. The track is the purest form of uplifting progressive melodic house. Just the kind of stuff I love mixing, talking about or sharing. Listening to it gives me goosebumps! No surprise that it’s one of the more popular tracks on the compilation.

Free Download

Can’t wait to hear more amazing stuff from Vintage & Morelli this year. I can only hope that the momentum keeps going. Which reminds me, I should get his album. And if you’ve enjoyed listing to his stuff above, check out the free download of his remix of Above & Beyond’s Counting Down The Days.

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