The Resurgence Of The 80’s

Last year I featured The Midnight’s “Day’s of Thunder” on Unite. Granted it was the Soultorque Remix, but it still retained the essence of the original track. Everyone who’s heard that track since on the album, or otherwise has told me how much they love it! True, there’s an unmistakable charm to Day’s of Thunder that instantly resonates with anyone who grew up listening to music from the 80’s.

Nostalgia FTW

Last year it wasn’t just Day’s of Thunder, but also the “Stranger Things”, the 80’s-themed Netflix original sci-fi thriller that captivated audiences around the world. I think we all have a soft spot for anything nostalgic – the romantic idea of simpler times, energy and youth. I’m not saying that you have to be old to appreciate old stuff, but it does help.

Things Come A Full Circle

Ever noticed how something that was fashionable back in the day, some how makes a re-appearance? It’s like this feeling of telling ourselves that we had in right all along. We need to go back!

It’s the trend that I’m seeing even in progressive house music, the resurrection of 80’s themed music. To quote Wikipedia, “The 1980s are commonly remembered for an increase in the use of digital recording, associated with the usage of synthesisers, with synth-pop music and other electronic genres featuring non-traditional instruments increasing in popularity.”

My last blog post was about one of my favourite tracks from this year that also brought back the 80’s with it. With it’s nostalgic charm, “Running in the Night” is an absolute gem to listen to. More recently, I got my hands on the latest album on Silk Music, my favourite label. The album, “The Midnight Remixed” includes tracks from The Midnight’s album “Endless Summer” remixed by some of the best artists on the melodic progressive house scene. I absolutely loved listening to album, which has some delicious remixes. But then, something inside of me told me to that I needed to listen to the original album.

Endless Summer

Just like how I couldn’t decide between the original 80’s themed track, or the drum-n-bass remix of Day’s of Thunder, I was sure I was going to face the same dilemma over Endless Summer. Remix or original? I was so wrong!

Endless Summer is nothing like The Midnight Remixed. It is purely fueled by melodic sounds of synths, saxes, and catchy lyrics that remind me of the 80’s. The album’s been on repeat the whole of this week. Each song is a masterpiece worthy of recognition that it may never receive in hundreds of lifetimes!

I honestly haven’t heard a better album since…I don’t know when. Talamanca’s Arrival & Departures comes close, but not really. The lyrics of Sunset, Synthetic; the sax solo on Vampires; the preppy-catchiness of Jason. It’s a pleasure listening to this album that although was released in 2016, but takes me back to happier, simpler times.

If you love the 80’s, melodic progressive house, music I highly urge you to get a copy of Endless Summer. You can’t be disappointed! Listen to the album here, or buy it.

The Midnight - Sunset

The Midnight - Jason (feat. Nikki Flores)

The Midnight - Vampires

One thought on “The Resurgence Of The 80’s

  1. Really interesting read – thanks!
    I’ve definitely noticed this too, and not without a little smirk to myself. As a working DJ in the 90s, I remember very clearly there being a strong reaction against the sonic palette of the 80s. Anything that sounded at all 80s was usually rejected by 90s techno and house music audiences, and consequently by the DJs playing the music. Hearing the two sonic palettes seamlessly and irreverently blended today is really very enjoyable, and serves to demonstrate what we were missing out on at the time.

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