If you’re like me, you can’t workout without music pumping through your ears. Each beat providing you with an additional burst of energy!

For you EDM music loving, gym going people, I’ve put together some of my highest energy mixes that will give you the power to push harder, and run faster!

1 Hour Non-Stop Mixes For Working Out

Best EDM Mixes To Fuel Your Workout

I have handpicked my favourite mixes that you can enjoy while at the gym, or on a run. These mixes contain some of the best trance, house, and EDM tracks to keep pushing you.

High energy mixes, and songs – that’s what you’re looking for.  Songs that will pump you up.

Also, there’s scientific proof that you should be listening to music while working out. There is a study that shows listening to electronic music while working can boost productivity.

So, take a pick and hit the play button. Download or stream these mixes.

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